Press Coverage
September 21, 2020: IMD & IRD Awards 2020: Best Alternative Data Provider - Advan Research Corporation
Waters Technology | by Helen Allingham

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September 15, 2020: Alternative Data Market Worth 17.35 billion by 2027
July 07, 2020: FISD Alternative Data Council Guide to Alternative Data
Greenwich Associates | by Brad Tingley

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July 06, 2020: Advan Research Adds GPS-Based Business Closure, Road Traffic Data
Waters Technology | by Max Bowie

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July 02, 2020: Innovation in Capital Markets: The New Normal
Aite Group | by Yue Malan

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May 15, 2020: COVID-19 and The New Surge in Alternative Data
GARP Risk Intelligence | By Katherine Heires

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May 12, 2020: As America Starts to Reopen, See Where Crowds are Gathering
Real Estate Weekly

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May 12, 2020: How Alternative Data Spread Through Finance
Euromoney | by Peter Lee

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April 26, 2020: Retail Stores Create the New Normal as Businesses Begin to Open Up
Forbes | By Shelley Kohan

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March 03, 2020: Airport Shops Suffer 'Crisis' as Coronavirus Upends Travel
Wall Street Journal | By Esther Fung

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January 29, 2020: Technology is Helping the Finance Industry Understand Real Estate
Propmodo | by Grigorios Reppas

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January 29, 2020: Coronavirus will Hit Airport Retailers, GlobalData Says
MarketWatch | by Tonya Garcia

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About Advan

Advan is the leader in the Big Data geolocation space, enabling participants in the financial industry to analyze foot traffic data across multiple sectors, including consumer services, energy, technology, healthcare, REITS, financials and others. Advan derives its datasets using multi parameter models that analyze cellphone location data crossed with curated geofenced areas.

Top tier institutional investors spanning from quantitative hedge funds to fundamental asset managers have been the main consumers of Advan’s products.

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